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View of a construction site wit two workers talking.

Commercial Loans

Preferred Bank offers commercial loans to small businesses. Commercial loan products include revolving lines of credit, term loans and letters of credit.

Revolving Lines of Credit

Revolving lines of credit are available for temporary cash flow needs, accounts receivable financing and the issuance of letters of credit.

Term Loans

Term Loans are available to assist with equipment purchases, business expansion and business acquisition. Repayment terms correlate the repayment of the loan with corresponding cash inflows.

Letters of Credit

Letters of credit are available to accommodate international transactions and business commitments. Please see the Trade Finance Loans & Services section for additional information.

Commercial loan products are available at all our branches. Please contact a commercial loan officer for an appointment to discuss your business and financing needs.

A close-up shot of four credit cards stacked on top of each other slightly fanned out.

Commercial Credit Cards

We offer a variety of credit cards to suit your business needs.