Payment Solutions

At Preferred Bank we know that the easier it is for you to pay your employees and vendors, the more efficient your business will run.  We offer multiple solutions to help you with your payment needs.

PBnet Business Bill Pay

PBnet Business Bill Pay allows users of our PBnet Business Online Banking to conveniently receive and pay their bills in a safe and secure way for no charge.  With just a few clicks you can electronically send your bills without writing a check or paying for postage.  Some of the features of our Bill Pay include:

  • Request eBills sent directly to our secure site
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Pay multiple bills at once
  • Add invoice details to your bills
  • See bill history
  • Set up reminders for bills
  • Pay bills from multiple qualified accounts
  • Enable preparer and approver profiles to ensure dual control if needed
  • Click here for a PBnet Business Bill Pay Demo (This link requires Macromedia Flash Player 6 or greater to be viewed properly. Click here to upgrade flash to the most current version)

Visa Business Debit Card1

Preferred Bank's Visa Business Debit Card acts like a Visa but works like a check.  You can use the card to make a purchase anywhere that accepts Visa by signing or using your PIN and the money debits your designated Preferred Bank checking account.  The business owner can distribute cards to selected employees to use for business expenses, supplies etc.

Visa Credit Card2

Preferred Bank offers a Visa Credit Card for business customers that allow you to issue cards to your owners and employees.  The credit line amounts are controlled by you on a per card basis.  All charges are due and payable in full each month.  Monthly statements are sent to the business ensuring full accountability for all charges made.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Preferred Bank offers both domestic and foreign wire transfers that allow you to quickly, easily and securely send money anywhere in the world.  To send a wire transfer complete the one of the wire transfer forms below, print it and visit your local branch to complete the transaction. Outgoing Wire Tranfers can be made by fax with a pre-authorized agreement on file.  See your branch for details.      

US Dollar Wire Transfer Instructions  Foreign Currency Wire Transfer Instructions

Electronic Tax Payment

Preferred Bank makes it easy to pay your Federal Taxes by using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).  Simply click the link below and begin paying your federal taxes electronically directly from your Preferred Bank checking account.


(This link requires Macromedia Flash Player 6 or greater to be viewed properly. Click here to upgrade flash to the most current version)

ACH Credit Origination1

Making payroll has never been easier.  With Preferred Bank's ACH Credit Origination, you can eliminate paper checks and electronically pay your employees directly to their bank accounts at any bank.  Simply upload your employee's paycheck amounts through our proprietary ACH software in PBnet Business Online Banking and let us do the rest.

Positive Pay

Get peace of mind by using our Positive Pay service.  By transmitting a simple file to us each time you write checks, you can rest assured that only checks you authorize will be paid against your account.  If checks are presented that are not recognized from your submitted list of checks, you receive an email notification and are directed to view the item(s) and make a pay or no pay decision.  This service is an integral part of any business fraud prevention program.

Reverse Positive Pay

Reverse Positive Pay works just like Positive Pay but if differs in that there is no need to upload files when checks are written.  As checks are presented against your account, you receive a daily email notification that directs you to make a pay or no pay decision.  This service is designed for companies that write low volumes of checks.

Post No Checks Service

We offer Post No Checks Service for those companies that choose to use their account entirely in an electronic manner.  You can enjoy peace of mind that we will return all paper checks presented against the account.  This is another fraud prevention tool available to your business.


1 Qualifying relationship required

2 Subject to credit approval