Information Solutions

Information is power.  Preferred Bank offers multiple tools to ensure that you have the power to run your business on your schedule.

PBnet Business Online Banking

Preferred Bank's PBnet Business Online Banking service offers our business customers a convenient and secure way to bank anywhere and anytime.  You can do most banking transactions right from your personal computer or internet-enabled mobile device.  Various authority levels can be established so that business owners can delegate tasks to employees while still maintaining ultimate approval authority.  To enroll in PBnet Business Online Banking, please contact your account officer.  Some of the services we provide include:

  • View account balances and transactions
  • View loan balances and transactions
  • Make a stop payment
  • Pay Bills via PBnet Business Bill Pay
  • Transfer between Preferred Bank accounts
  • Export account transactions to your personal financial software
  • View and print ACH CTX detail transmittal statements
  • View, print and store statements and notices
  • Make a loan payment
  • Click here to get started

Account Reconciliation (BAI2)

Account Reconciliation service is a powerful cash management tool that aggregates all transaction activities from a particular account or group of accounts into a daily report.  This report is formatted to the national standard BAI2 format.  This is a must have for a company's treasurer or controller.  By closely monitoring the company's cash position, you are able to:

  • Minimize idle cash balances
  • Assure appropriate liquidity
  • Take advantage of investment opportunities or reduce borrowings
  • Analyze and project funding needs
  • Streamline account balancing procedures


With today's reality of identity theft it is more important than ever to protect your business's financial information from identity thieves.  Preferred Bank's eStatements allow for a safe, secure and green method to receive your monthly statements and occasional account notices.  Each time your statement is ready for viewing, you receive an email reminder to log on to your PBnet Business Online Banking account.  Once logged on to our secure site, you can view up to 12 months of your statements and notices.  You can even choose to print or download these statements/notices to a personal drive for future reference.  Best of all, there is no charge for this service.

Check Safekeeping/CD ROM

Preferred Bank's Check Safekeeping/CD ROM service offers an alternative to receiving imaged copies of paid items in your statement or paying research fees to request copies of deposited items in your account.  This service is targeted for those businesses with a heavy volume of check writing and/or check deposits.  A CD ROM disc is mailed each month with front and back images of all checks paid during the statement cycle and/or front and back images of all deposited items and their offsetting deposit tickets.  This service works well for those businesses still opting for paper statements.

Check Reorders & Order Status

Reordering checks can be a time consuming task.  Preferred Bank makes it easy to reorder your business checks right from your office.  Simply click the link below to begin the reorder process or check on the status of your current order securely with our exclusive check printing company, Deluxe.  Once you have entered their website, simply choose the Reorder Now button at the top of the page to begin.

New Deluxe Business


Preferred Bank additionally offers Telebanking for those business customers who do not have a computer or cannot get access to their computer, but still need to get up to the minute information about their accounts.  By calling (877) PRE PHONE or (877) 773-3663 you can access the following services:

  • Check on your balance
  • Verify recent deposits and checks paid
  • Identify pending transactions
  • Transfer between accounts